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Get Peace of Mind & Savings with the Motor Club

The affordable motor club memberships offer roadside assistance, towing services, and other auto benefits and savings to members starting at just $9.95 per month. Get protected and start saving with the motor club plans today!

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Improved Roadside Assistance Service: MCA Security Plus Motor Club

The MCA Security Plus Motor Club plan offers enhanced benefits over the basic MCA Security Motor Club program including increased benefits and greater peace of mind. This program offers the same great roadside assistance and towing to the nearest service facility as offered in the basic security plan. In addition to these roadside assistance services, the Security Plus level plan also offers improved benefits in the event that you are injured in a covered accident. This includes ER benefits and daily hospital benefits.

Buy the MCA Security Plus Motor Club Program for only $14.95 per month!

Roadside Assistance Services are Available with the Motor Club Membersip Packages

With the MCA Security Plus Motor Club membership, for only $14.95 per month you will receive all of the benefits available in the basic Security Motor Club Roadside Assistance program as well as other special enhanced benefits. These available benefits include:

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance & Service
  • Travel Assistance Reimbursement
  • Trip Planning and Travel Reservations
  • Arrest Bond
  • Bail Bonds
  • Attorney Fees
  • Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental
  • Emergency Room Reimbursement, Daily Hospital, & Accidental Death Benefits for injuries or death caused in a covered auto accident

Join the MCA Security Plus Motor Club today or contact us at Roadside Assist Club to learn more about the benefits available from this emergency roadside assistance membership program.

Advantages of this Roadside Assistance Motor Club

The MCA Security Plus Motor Club offers a number of advantages and benefits to individuals and their families. This roadside assistance program offers all of the benefits available with the basic Security Motor Club as well as some improved benefits. To learn more about the advantages of joining the roadside assistance motor club, read more below or contact us today.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Service

The roadside assistance services included in the Motor Club membership will give you peace of mind when traveling down the street or across the country. The emergency roadside assistance services include battery boost, fuel delivery, tire change, lock service, wrecker towing, and towing to the nearest service station for emergency repair.

Travel Assistance Reimbursement

If your car is disabled in an auto accident, we will reimburse you with up to $500 in rental car expenses for accidents occurring near your home. For accidents occurring more than 50 miles from your home, we will also provide up to $500 for lodging, meal, and transportation expenses.

Trip Planning and Travel Reservations

We offer special travel discounts and benefits to all of the motor club and roadside assistance members including route mapping and airline, car rental, and hotel discounts.

Arrest Bond

Your motor club membership card can be used in lieu of a cash bail of up to $500 for any bond pertaining to a traffic violation where allowed by state law.

Bail Bonds

We will arrange up to a $25,000 bond to release you when charged with a moving traffic law violation including vehicular manslaughter or auto related negligent homicide.

The Roadside Assistance Motor Club offers Many Benefits to Memebers

Attorney Fees

The motor club memberships entitle all members to receive up to $2,000 for attorney fees for defense against police charges that occur while driving a covered auto. This includes:

  • Up to $200 for covered Moving Violations
  • Up to $500 for covered auto related Personal Injury matters
  • Up to $500 for covered Vehicle Damage issues
  • Up to $2,000 for covered auto related Negligent Homicide or Vehicular Manslaughter

Stolen Vehicle Reward

The motor club and roadside assistance program includes a reward that discourages theft and recovers stolen vehicles by providing $5,000 to any law enforcement agency or individual responsible for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief who is determined to be responsible for stealing your covered vehicle.

Discounts on Prescription, Vision Care, and Dental

The roadside assistance and motor club membership entitles you to special medical discounts including up to 65% off prescriptions, 50% off vision care, and 50% off dental procedures.

Benefits for Injuries Incurred During a Covered Accident

When you are injured in a covered accident that requires emergency treatment or hospital admission within 72 hours, the MCA Security Plus Motor Club and Roadside Assistance Membership offers:

  • Emergency Reimbursement Benefits: This entitles you to up to $500 in emergency cash for emergency room or trauma center treatment that is due to injury caused by a covered accident. It includes, but is not limited to, casts, doctor and nursing care, lab work, transfusions, and more.
  • Daily Hospital Benefit: This benefit will provide you with $150 in hospital benefits that are paid from the first day of your hospitalization up to 365 consecutive days. This can provide up to $54,750 in cash benefits.
  • Accidental Death Benefit: Your estate will receive a benefit of $10,000 if you die as a direct result of injuries received in a covered accident.
  • Travel Assistance Program: Following an accident in which you are injured, the travel assistance program will assist with worldwide travel as needed for issues like medical evacuation, return of remains, return of child, and more.

The above is a summary of benefits for this motor club program, if you would like to learn more about the specific benefits included with the emergency roadside assistance and motor club membership, contact us today. You can join the MCA Security Plus Motor Club today to begin taking advantage of these benefits.

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